As you may remember, last year our company launched a Referral Program, which was created with the specific mission of showing gratitude towards our faithful clients. For those who did not have the opportunity to witness this launching, we are including a brief description.

Basically, this Program represents a way to increase your income by referring prospective clients to us. Every time a referred person becomes an effective client and full payment is made, you will earn a commission.

You cannot miss this great opportunity to receive an extra income by just recommending our company!

We invite you to begin referring friends and to generate revenues! Please e-mail us your and the referrer’s contact information (name, surname, e-mail address, company name and a telephone number) to

Working with LOG Technology has been a great experience. They took my idea of starting a music community and turned it into reality with a fully functional website sparked with an amazing design. is a musicians network that helps musicians find each other to start a band. I get a lot of compliments regarding the design of my website - and I have LOG to thank for that.

Do not hesitate to contact our sales representatives: send an
e-mail to or call our toll-free line,

Postcards are promotional means of communication that always reach the hand of the viewer. Their simple format and large capacity for content guarantee they will get the viewer’s attention as well.

In addition, they communicate your essential message to your clients: you can serve their needs. They allow you to both seek for prospective clients and encourage existing ones to do business with you again. For example, you can hand each of your clients a postcard that will convey the essence of your business and will make them keep your services in mind.

This is a great benefit, but there is a lot more postcards can provide. They are adaptable and versatile; they are not time-wasters as people will not even have to open an envelope to get your message; and they do not take up much space, so your clients can save your postcards and check them out later.

Last but not least, postcards are affordable. They are inexpensive not only to design, but also to print. Just grab your calculator and verify it yourself:

At LOG Technology Consulting, our standard plan for an US mail sized postcard design (6 x 4") is only $210, including unlimited revision rounds to the piece. And you can get 6,000 of them printed on glossy card stock and in full color for the small additional amount of $389.This means you will get postcards for less than 10 cents each!

This way, these postcards prove that a tight budget is no longer a restriction to get effective and high-quality promotional material for your company.

Click here to take a look at some examples of the outstanding postcard designs you can obtain.