This week we decided to attach a special gift for our clients to our newsletter which consist in a $50 Gift Certificate to be used for any of your projects and for any of the excellent offers at

We hope this will be an excellent opportunity for you to develop design pieces that will reinforce the awareness of your brand, or just to start that project you’ve had in mind but haven’t been able to get it started yet. What is better, you can just copy the certificate and pass it on to a friend or colleague, and all copies will be valid!*

* Only one certificate per project is allowed and covers a maximum of the 25% of the total price. A project comprises the design pieces that belong to one single brand.

Due to the great number of inquiries we received regarding the search engine positioning, admission and website optimization services that we provide, I would like to explain a bit more about this and what it is about.

The tools mentioned above are the grounds on which Internet marketing lays, and lead to a noticeable increase in the website traffic, resulting subsequently in an increase in the website ROI rate. Nowadays, a great deal of progress is being made in these areas. At the same time, LOG is keeping up with the new technologies in order to provide the client with the latest requirements that the market demands. After several months of developing and perfecting these SEO techniques, we can proudly say that websites that we created and then optimized can be found at the top of search engine rankings.

Our SEO service includes an exhaustive analysis of the competition, and the specific keywords required to optimize a site, for a continuous search of quality links that will eventually increase the traffic rate and the rankings, and for the admission in related search engines. As this process requires time and patience, we generate a close bond with the client, providing updated information about the changes made, and the different rankings that are achieved throughout this process.

In addition to this, our specialized staff take part in different forums and conventions related to this cutting edge field, and, this way, they keep updated with the newest information and details about search engines, positioning, and websites promotion, since the search algorithms of the main SE’s (Yahoo!, MSN, Google) are frequently updated.

At LOG Technology, we turn our acquired experience and proficiency, gained through years of hard work, into high quality results. I am waiting for your questions! E-mail me at

If you are interested in our brand new Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services, please feel free to contact our expert Pablo Ruzic at

Do you need a logo, a brochure, a folder, a flyer, a website or anything related to graphic design or web development? Please call our sales team!

When facing to the development of a graphic design project for a company, many things must be taken into consideration, for instance: the publishing method, the functional features, the aesthetics and the usage of the design asked. The range of design pieces that a company can ask is extensive.

- Brands

- Isologotypes and logotypes

- Flyers and brochures

- Stationery

- Web design

- Design and layout of newspapers, magazines, and books.

- Promotion campaigns and graphic media ads, street signs.

- Social interest campaigns

- Design of booths and trade shows.

- Packaging design.

- Multimedia and computerized communication design.

- Kinetic design for Movies, TV, Video, and Graphic Computing.

All of the items mentioned previously provide the solutions to visual communication problems, always in a creative way.

However, these items should not be thought as separate items. On the contrary, all of these different concepts form a whole. We should not use these elements as separate units; instead, designers tend to implement them as a group that we call corporate identity system.

Many times people focus all the communication on only one of these pieces or design aspects. Because of this, the identity loses variety and creativity, diminishing communicational effectiveness.

Think of a logotype for example. It is not possible that a single logotype can express the complete identity of a company: it can only express a part of it, probably the essence, but still, that is not enough. In order to build a real company identity, an identity visual system is a must.

These systems are made of single pieces that have a specific function. When they are used together, they create a general unified message. This is the true nature of visual identity systems, and the goal that LOG designers aim to. This way of working enables a broader and clearer effective communication: brand awareness in the minds of the company' prospects.

It is worth mentioning that a visual identity system does not need all of the elements mentioned. Each company will have to analyze which of the elements are the best to transmit their messages. Taking into consideration the variables such as space, time, materials, scale, and “virtuality”, the designers can develop the necessary items that will reveal the true nature of the firm and build the desired company identity in a cost-effective way.

In order to achieve that, the designer is a cultural operator key that, considering the different environments and variables, reaches an integral idea of the firm identity, creating the pieces that will fulfill the needs of the different companies.